How To Find Out Your Eye Prescription Online?

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Did you know that you can get your eye prescription online without paying a visit to your optometrist? Many websites do offer the convenience of knowing what prescription power is required to correct your refractive error. You can even conduct an eye test with the help of an application on your mobile phone.

Websites that offer online tests are designed to find out the deficiency in your visual acuity, inclination towards astigmatism, causes for photophobia & whether you’re affected by color blindness or not.

Pros & Cons Of Online Test For RX Glasses

There are many benefits of choosing to test your eyesight online instead of getting it done physically. For starters, online is the ultimate source of convenience for people who are incapacitated in some way to visit an eye doctor. Online eye examination offers you the ease to learn about your eyesight while being at home.

Having said that, there are certain limitations when it comes to getting your eyesight checked online. Folks who have simple requirements, such as getting a single vision lens, may be better off than people with multiple vision correction needs.

Another downside is that online examination only checks for the refractive error of your vision, not the actual eye health. Thus, it leads to an incomplete diagnostics of any problem in your eyes. For instance, if you’re someone who’s suffering from an eye illness, it is often recommended to get your eyes checked by a local doctor before getting an eye prescription online.

Who Should Take Tests For Glasses Online?

Typically, most people who don’t have a very strong refractive error in their eyes are ideal candidates for online exams as they have fewer complications for vision correction. Also, people who have cleared an eye test before can easily know their prescriptions online. In essence, you shouldn’t have some sort of a medical condition that adds to the complication of getting your eyes checked for RX glasses.

Can Online Tests Be Trusted?

Online eye examinations are relatively fresh, which is why they draw a skeptical eye from ophthalmologists & eye doctors. There isn’t much research to back online exams for accurate measurement of the prescription index needed for eyes. Hence, it makes every bit of sense to communicate with a doctor before logging on to a website that gauges your prescription.


Online eye tests for prescription are quite recent, which is why some people are unsure of getting their eyes checked from a website as opposed to a doctor. However, due to recent advancements in technology, there’s no reason why online tests cannot be trusted.

More online glasses retailers are offering the option to get your eyes tested. On the other hand, if you already have consulted an eye doctor, the glasses’ website can get the prescription for you while placing the order. On the whole, people with less complicated vision correction needs can safely take an eye examination online.


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