If You Are a Sports Lover, You Must Get a Lens Tint Guide

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While shopping for sports glasses is not an easy task. Whether you are going to buy eyewear for a golf course, ski slopes, or any other sports, one consideration is essential. That is fine detail about lens tints. Tints have a significant role in performance while playing.

Besides, you need Prescription Safety Glasses so that you can protect your eyes from injuries. The best shade for your sunglasses lenses depends on the weather condition. For example, you are playing your favorite game on the beach, and there is a bright day.

So, you need to go with the dark lenses for a sunny beach or partially cloudy day. Well, lens shade is a personal choice and doesn’t affect the function of sunny wear. Sunglasses are for eye protection against UV rays.

Brown and gray colors are most popular because they don’t distort colors. So, make sure that your sun wear has 100% UVA and UVB rays coating. If you are participating in water sports, grab polarize lenses for reducing the effect of glare.

Best Safety Glasses for Multiple Sports Activities:

In case of participation in multiple sports and you have to stay indifferent lighting conditions. Prefer to buy sports sunglasses with different lens tint. It would better for you to grab interchangeable lenses.

They have excellent performance in multiple light conditions. But make sure that sports eyewear is made up of polycarbonate material. They are built particularly for UV protection to eyes.

Such lenses can easily scratch, so apply the scratch-resistance coating of your glasses. If you add this coating on both surfaces of the lenses, it will enhance their durability. Dress eyewear is not suitable to wear in the sports specs.

So, they don’t provide enough protection when you need it while playing. Never try to wear sports eyepiece that is not according to safety ratted. You can get severe eye injury in case of frame or lenses breaking.

Guide for Safety Eyewear Frames Lenses Tints:

  •          Grey shade maintains original colors, and its best use is in bright conditions. You can call them a universal lens because it is ideal for all outdoor activities.
  •          Orange/yellow shades heighten contrast and highlight shadows. They help to see better depth and bumps with fine details. Their best use is in foggy, cloudy days, and even in stormy situations. But these lenses don’t filter bright light. Therefore, sometimes these lenses are referred with the blue filter lenses. They can work well with the high definition or nigh driving lenses.
  •          Brown/copper/dark amber colors are useful particularly to improve contrast on green grass with a blue sky background. These color lenses clear out all bumps and shadows. So, they are good for those days of moderate fog or bright settings.
  •          The green tint is ideal for most settings because it enhances contrast, and you can discriminate between all objects. Besides, their best use is in overcast or foggy days along with stormy conditions.
  •          Red/rose/amber is ideal for boosting depth perception.  They are an excellent choice in a flat situation when you cannot see any little bumps or hurdles. Besides, they can be a good choice if you want to use them for stormy or cloudy days.
  •          Clear lenses allow for most of the light. They are perfect for sunset, snowy, and even nighttime conditions.


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