Why Wiley X SG-1 is the Number One Choice of all Bikers?

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Wiley x has made a standard because it has become the world leader in the safety eyewear industry. Many reasons have made them favorites for everyone. One of the famous reasons is their tactile goggles that have a ballistic standard. Wiley X SG-1 is one of the protective eyewear.

The sunglasses have made the standard, and so they are top-selling among all safety eyewear. Its frame is built for military standards certified. You cannot imagine eyes safety without these goggles. It has more than one features so they are the right choice of every bike lovers.

What are the chief features of Wiley X SG-1?

The most important part of Wiley X SG-1 is much powerful because of the military base. Therefore, they are supposed to top eyewear because of military standards. Do you what things make these eyeglasses favorite of everyone? Their frame is flexible and gives a comfortable look on wearing. Due to feasibility, they are quickly adjustable on all head sizes.

The unique feature of these eyeglasses is flexible temple arms. They are removable and have a great fit for all head sizes. If you want to want to change your goggles into dashing sunglasses, you can change them within a second. On the other hand, if you want to convert them into goggle shape, just switch out the strap. This stretchable strap comes with the purchasing kit. Another significant advantage is the interchangeable lenses.

You can change your look according to a certain setting. For this, you can convert the lenses into that situation that you are facing. Last but not least, it has a closed foam gasket that doesn’t allow to pass any dust and debris. Therefore, they are most beneficial for providing clear vision because don’t allow to enter any dust particle into it.

Why bikers love to having Wiley X SG-1?

Wily x series are always the first choice of bike lovers. They don’t only supreme protection but provide a unique style as well. They are the most favorite of all persons who involve in outdoor activities. If you are working in a sunny setting, they will give you a clear view, and moisture will occur on the lenses.

For instance, you are in the cold weather, where fog is a big issue for eye wearers. Most of the people don’t wear the safety eyewear because they create great fog inside the lenses and stop view. Due to the halt of a clear view, people feel irritated and prefer not to wear them. But don’t worry, if you have faced such conditions, the Wiley x series could be the perfect choice for you in any moment.

The most satisfying part of the Wiley series is that they are all ANSI certified. It means they provide a supreme level of protection to your eyes. Eyes are the sensitive body organ and demand extra safety to keep them secure.

Wiley X in the prescription form:

Wiley x series has made the repute that this brand speaks bout itself. Due to their such quality, they are perfect for every eye wearer. For example, you have some vision issues and wear eyeglasses with certain numbers. Therefore, the most successful reason is the availability of prescription lenses. Most of the military accept these tactile googles because of prescription lenses.

So, they are best set in the form of goggles as well. You can order any number of lenses. But first, you have to mention your prescription number before buying. Another advantage is vast area coverage around eyes during any activity. These are googled plus sunglasses and cover entire eye areas safely. Make sure before order, you have told them your prescription number.

So, that you could get the exact number of lenses and you should not replace them. Besides, if you don’t order for prescription lenses, they are like goggles as well. So, you can wear your regular eyewear under these optics. They have flexible strap through which each head size will be comfortably fit in this eyewear.


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