3 Effective Tips to Stop Slipping Down Eyeglass from Your Nose

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If you are a regular eye wearer, you got the experience of slipping down the eyeglasses from your nose in case of sweating. To avoid this embarrassing situation, grab Guardian safety glasses.

It can be frustrating for anyone to adjust Safety Eyewear frequently to view by lenses. Continually pushing back to your glasses can annoy you, and it can cause friction into the skin that leads to a lot of irritation.

Hence there could be many reasons for slipping down the glasses from your nose. Slipping down the specs can make the situation worst while you are reading your favorite book or on long driving with your loved one, and you are frequently pressing down them.

Besides, it might possible to shatter your concentration due to adjusting them with one hand. Several reasons are behind slipping eyeglasses like your nose is too small to hold them or your skin is too oily to slip them.

There are 3 effective tips for holding eyewear in one place. It could be the game of trial but anyone tip could be sufficient to stop slipping your glasses.


Since Nerdwax is available in a tube structure like Chapstick. You can apply it just rub a small quantity of wax on your nose pads of your eyewear.

Moreover, Nerdwax is the best solution for those who have a low budget to invest over it but could prevent their glasses from slipping down. If you get some wax on your lenses by accidentally, you can wipe it with the microfiber cloth.

Hence the best way to test the wax on the skin, first of all, apply a small quantity on your skin and check whether it could be effective for your skin or not.

On the other hand, leave the wax on the applied area of the skin and observe any reaction. If you get some irritation on your skin, wash that area immediately with soap and water. In case of any severity, contact the dermatologist.

But Guardian Safety Glasses have a solid grip on head and nose and avoid to slip down. Moreover, Nerd wax has some pros and cons, and you should aware of them.


  •          One tube may stay for 6 to 8 months if you use it regularly
  •          Apply all kind of eyewear
  •          100% original because made by cosmetic ingredients
  •          Easy to remove from lenses or frames
  •          Most probably, Nerdwax dissolve in facial oils
  •          Manufacture in the USA


  •          May produce irritation in case of sensitive skin
  •          In case of oily skin, you may use it frequently to adjust your eyeglasses

Silicone Nose Pads:

Nose pads are additional protection that sticks to the bridge of your eyewear. Besides, nose pads provide bridge support and prevent them from slipping.

After applying, nose pads are practically invisible and due to this reason, you can make style with your Safety Glasses.

Moreover, the nose pads are available in 12 pairs, and it means you don’t need to buy them for a year. Make sure that you clean, your glasses including nose pads with mild soap for removing accumulating oil or dirt.

Hence, nose pads have some pros and cons as well that follow.


  •          Silicon pads are a better choice than wax if you have sensitive skin
  •          Every pair of nose pads stay for 1 to 2 months
  •          Easy to applying and removing
  •          Apply almost all kind of eyewear
  •          Safe for children’s eyewear
  •          Prevent any dark marks or identification on the nose


  •          Experiencing excessive heat decrease its lifespan
  •          Applying a new pair of nose pads can reduce its stickiness


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