What can You and cannot for Repairing Specs with DIY Methods?

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreaks lockdown, we all are forced to stay home for safety goals. If you are at home, many mishaps can occur. For example, you are sitting at home and you came to know that your eyewear like Titmus safety eyewear is out of order.

You need them because these are safety glasses, and you have to use them for many purposes. So, what will you do? Of course, first of all, you will try by yourself to fix them. But before applying any method for fixing them, you need to know, what you can fix and what cannot at home.

Well, opticians are specialists in eyewear repairing, and most of us go for fixing our specs. If you don’t want to fix them, replacing the lens, frame, or entire piece because it is a safer option than fixing.

So, you have to detail examination of your eyewear, whether you can fix them or you need to buy a new pair of specs. Here are the shortlisted fixing methods for lenses and frames that you can repair them by a DIY method.

Repairing of Lenses at Home:

Lenses are inclined to scratches, and even most conscious people also get scars on lenses. If you find the scratches are interfering in vision, it means they need to repair quickly. Having scratches hinder the vision line and cause eyestrain.

Generally, eyestrain always leads to headaches ant any other pain. Therefore, it would be more satisfying to repair your eyeglasses as quickly as possible. For removing scratches on Titmus safety eyewear, you have to be careful.

It should not affect the lens surface. Any change on the lens surface will affect directly your vision because your peepers will see through them. Eyestrain, headache, and color distortion can occur due to affected lenses while fixing them.

keep in mind that cracks cannot repair at home because you have to replace your eyewear in case of cracks. Your peepers are valuable because you have to view the entire world, so don’t put them in any danger. For this purpose, you have to move towards optician because he will replace your lenses.

Fixing of a Frame by the DIY Method:

Eyewear frames can lose or break because of bend and can go out of their shape after wrong fixing. Eyeglasses should be comfortable and should not fall continuously from the nose. So, the frame should be snug fit on the nose and ears as well.

Having a wrong fitting can lead to headaches and eye fatigue. So, it is essential to keep them comfortable after your DIY process. It would be better to visit an optician for the frameset, but if you cannot, some small adjustments can do at home.

Keep in mind, you have to handle all things very smoothly so that it could not suffer your frame further. Some eyewear frames have plastic nose pads that are attached in the center of the eyeglasses that exactly sit on your nose.

You can do little change by nose pads, and can make their sung fitting that can grip your nose tightly. The nose pads can push outward or inward for adjusting frame little high or low. Be careful in adjusting nose pads that don’t break them.

In case of frame arms, if any misshapen with it, bend them correctly so that it could snugly sit on your face. But if they have drastically unfit, visit the optician store and fix them.

Besides, if you have lost any screw of the frame, you can buy its lost screw and can quickly adjust at home. But make sure about your screw size. There are different size screws available in the market.

Some broken frames like metal material can adjust if it has been just bent. But in the case of the plastic frame, it cannot possible.


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