4 Quick Tips for Clearing the Foggy Lenses while Working

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Whether you are the native of cold climate or your working requirement bring you in and out simultaneously. Foggy lenses are the biggest hindrance for wearers.

For this reason, you need to wear 3M light vision 2 for getting rid of foggy lenses. It occurs as you stepped out from home, or you want to enjoy some cold area. Some other cases like when you enjoy a cup of tea, and you have to deal with the foggy lenses.

Whatever task you have, this situation is frustrating and aggravating when you suddenly find this on your lenses. Without a clear vision, you cannot perform any task, but with simple tips, you can keep lenses fog-free.

Make sure that your lenses are always clean because it is essential for personal hygiene. But your lenses should be in a position for providing clearest vision. Hence there are some quick tips for removing fog over lenses.

Why Lenses Become Fog Up?

Several factors are behind this factor of fogging up, and one of these is ambient heat. In simple words, when your actual temperature changes up with the surrounding environment.

Eyelashes may the cause of foggy lenses, but in this case, if you have a tight frame that even touches your cheeks as well. So, this situation blocks air flows when you breath and make lenses foggy. On the other hand, sweat, humidity, and moisture may activate foggy lenses.

Eventually, moisture becomes condense on the lens cold surface. However, you have to know about the reason for fogging up lenses, now come to its solution for removing it. Here are the possible tips that can remove the fog on the lens surface quickly.

Keep Your Glasses away from Your Face:

Eyewear trap moisture mostly when you keep your specs position very close to your face. That position of eyeglasses builds up fog on the lenses. So, adjust the position of your eyewear and push them further down into your nose. Moreover, keeping away eyewear from the face to stimulates air circulation and reduce fog accumulation.

Use Anti-Fog Products:

Several anti-fog products are the alternative source of lens coating. Moreover, these products sold in either spray or gel form that prevents condensation. So, apply these products according to instructions on the packing and try to remove those products with the provided piece of cloth.

In case if the cloth is not with the products then use any scratch resistance cloth. Besides these products, you can even use anti-fog wipes, and this is the ideal treatment if you are on the go.

Try to Use Seasonal Accessories:

If you are in the cold area, don’t try to wear several layers for preventing overheating because in this situation sweat can produce. So, that thing produces more fog on your lenses. Therefore, wear essential accessory for keeping you warm as season requirement.

For example, if you want to go with the scarf, use that stuff that is breathable. So that it could let more air to pass through it. Wear only anti-fog lenses like 3M light vision 2 for avoiding this irritating situation.

Avoid Unexpected Change in Temperature:

If you are moving in a cold or warm environment, try to avoid a sudden change in temperature and let your eyewear to pass maximum air. For example, you are in the car and don’t come out suddenly when your hands are not free to remove prescription safety glasses.

Foggy eyewear is not hazardous, but it can be frustrating for drivers or machine operators. So, use essential precaution for combat this situation particularly when weather change abruptly. Besides, contact lenses are a great option when you are in cold weather, and you can prevent yourself from foggy lenses.

Finally, a fog situation is not worse, and you can easily handle this hindrance by applying the above quick tips.


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