Top 5 Ways to Safeguard Your Eyes in this Locked Summer Season

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Most people don’t realize that eyes can be affected because of sunburn in the summer season. The first question is what should you do for eyes in this hot summer. A simple solution is to wear Wiley X glasses because they provide top-quality protection.

After spending six hours continuously in the sun, your eye’s cornea can damage because of sunlight. Moreover, your eyes will recover within 48 hours, but frequent damage can impact eyes’ health.

Several kinds of light effect certain areas and have different risks on the body. So, whenever you consider your safety routine, make sure you have included all potential problems.

Increase the Use of Sunglasses:

Everyone is aware of the skin protection from sunlight, but what about eyes? Your eyes require the same protection level from ultraviolet rays like skin. UV rays become reflected light when bouncing back to the surface like sand and water.

Sunglasses like Wiley X Safety Eyeglasses are the key factor that provides 100% protection from sunlight when you are under the blue sky. So, many options claim for 100% protection.

Too much exposure to sunlight can lead to photokeratitis that is known as snow blindness. But after continuous exposure of sun can lead to pterygium or cataract or sometimes lead to eyelid cancer as well.

Wear Goggles in the Pool:

Swimming in a pool is an excellent way to keeping you cool off for exercise. But chlorine water can put your eyes in awful experience. No wonder, chorine designed for killing the germs, but it can hurt eyes.

So, goggles are a great way to shield your eyes when you are enjoying in the swimming pool. Therefore, never forget to wear such kind of eyewear when you get into the water.

Besides, if you are swimming in the ocean, this water is more hazardous because of too much contamination. This polluted water is more dangerous because eyes hurting level is high in ocean water. So, if you want to save your eyes from damage, don’t forget to wear goggles.

Wash Your Hand Frequently and Avoid Eyes Rubbing:

For avoiding disease limit your social gatherings due to the in the current situation. So, wash your hand frequently. On the other hand, don’t rub your eyes without washing hands because you can protect yourself from foreign germs.

You should sanitize hands before touching your face or eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your hand and sanitize them before going out and coming in the home.

But make sure to avoid yourself from rubbing eyes as much as possible. If your eyes are irritating you, put some eye drops for keeping moist and relaxing them. 

Protect Your Children from an Early Age:

Many people consider sunglasses should not wear in adulthood, but it is too essential like young age. So, protect your children at an early age because they have developing age, and their eyes are more sensitive at this age.

You might wonder to hear that 80% UV ray’s exposure can affect before the age of 18. So, children should use sunglasses and hat for avoiding the harmful effect of UV rays.

Sunglasses are essential for children because they spend the most time in outdoor activities. Children’s ocular lenses cannot filter out UV rays as absolutely as adults do.

Sunscreen should use on their faces and sunny shades on eyes because kids’ eyes are more prone to damage than younger people.

Take Healthy Diets in Your Food Portion:

Do you know about a balanced diet? A diet has a powerful role in improving eyesight and overall body as well. Some people consider carrot perfect food for the eyes, but they don’t know about Kale.

Kale doesn’t only improve your vision but prevents you from long term vision issues. Add vitamin C and E in your food because they decline the symptoms of age-related macular degeneration as well.


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