6 Important Lens Coating: What You Should Consider for Your Specs

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Like OnGuard safety eyewear shopping, choosing a perfect lens coating is also a hard task among several brands. Most people become nervous while thinking about lens coating. Besides, many people ask if, is necessary to apply a coating over lenses.

If you ask me, I would say yes for many reasons. Each coating has its value because it provides additional protection to your lens. Generally, the coating provides extra longevity, and high quality, and gives a luxurious look to your eyewear.

Not only does lens coating upgrade your lifestyle but offers supreme protection to your eyes as well. Stay with us, and you will come to know with what coting you should go.

Anti-Scratch Coating:

Scratch resistance coating is one of the basic and essential for a lens. Indeed, your lens will easily damage without not having the anti-scratch coating. Moreover, this coating prevents your lenses from light abrasion and scratching can occur at any time.

Many ways lead to scratched lenses like improper cleaning, dropping glasses, or even placing in the wrong direction. Almost all kinds of OnGuard safety eyewear have a scratch-resistant coated lens. Moreover, the coating works for two years, and after this period, you have to get this back.

Anti-Glare Coating:

Anti-glare or anti-reflect coating are two names of one coating, and everyone should prefer this coating. The first reason for having this coating is to make eyeglasses attractive.

The uncoated lens will not reflect visible light, and no one will look into your eyes during conversation or in pictures. However, the anti-glare coating will cut down all glare that is produced by horizontal surfaces. Most time glare has to face the driver while driving at night.

Water Repellence:

This coating doesn’t allow water drops to stick on the lens surface. The lens’s hydrophobic performance is applied at a slight angle that effectively slides down the water.

The water-repellent coating is helpful for those people who have to work all the time even in heavy rain. Therefore, this coating secures your vision line even in the water droplet situation. So, what you are thinking?

Smudge Resistance:

Most of the smudge means fingerprints occur on the lens surface and leave a bad effect on eyewear. Moreover, these smudges cause annoyance experience in the vision line. But smudge-resistant coating will allow a clear vision throughout the day without any hindrance.

The science behind this latest technology is a layer of anti-smudge that is applied by perfluorinated polymers. This is also applied after anti-reflect coating because this process works in vacuum deposition. This could be complicated but provide clear vision through your glasses in any situation.

Dust Repellence:

Perhaps you wouldn’t imagine how dust repellence coting is a fantastic thing. It prevents your lenses from dirt and dust that can stick to the lens surface. Moreover, the coating makes your eyewear easy to clean and provides a better look to see through them.

Besides, the dust-repellence coating doesn’t affect your line of vision. This layer makes it possible not to stick the dust layer on lenses. Moreover, this is a fantastic option for those people who have to work around the dusty area.

Blue Coating:

Modern life is associated with the digital world, whether you are in the office or at home. Unfortunately, many people spend the most time with digital gadgets.

For example, when you have break time in the office, people prefer to spend their time scrolling smart mobiles from Monday to Friday. The rising use of this technology is worse for your vision health.

However, these digital devices emit certain kinds of radiation that are blue rays. Blue light is harmful to eye health because it leads to eye strain. So, the blue light coating helps to reduce the bad effects of blue rays that are emitted from digital gadgets.

All coating has its importance and you must get benefits by applying it over your lenses. Make your eyewear precious with little investment.


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