Importance of Lens Material in Protection Applications

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Do you know about the lens material of your prescription safety glasses?

If yes, I would be surprised to hear this because most users are not aware of the lens’s material.

It means you are from those fortunate persons who upkeep their peeper’s health. You should, because there is no substitute for these blessings.

The lenses have an integral role in the selection of specs because it decides how much you are happy with your eyeglasses. The frame makes you’re a fashion statement, and lenses provide you view, so it is more important.

But buying glasses is not an easy task because of high competition among many eyewear industries. The recent search shows that there is a wide range of choices in lens shades and coating that they can easily confuse you.

In these days, it has become challenging to make a worth buying of your eyeglasses. Here is a brief discussion about the lenses guide. It will make your choice easy that with which material you should go to.

Why Buying the Right Lenses is Essential?

When it comes to the shopping of prescription safety glasses, the frame is crucial for comfort and appearance. It is the most powerful feature in eyeglasses shopping because if you are not comfortable, you should quit such a frame.

But when it comes to lenses, it influences four aspects like style, comfort, eyesight, and safety. But people don’t consider it necessary before buying lenses. You should spend more time in searching for lens material, coating, and design.

But with below basic guides about lens material, you would get a better idea about eyewear lenses. All information is about the prescription lenses either you need single vision lenses or for multifocal lenses.

Lenses Materials:

  • Glass lenses are the invention of early days for vision correction. Such eyeglasses are made through glass material. Moreover, the glass lenses were heavy and easily breakable. But they provide clear vision because the material is scratch resistance. Besides, the big disadvantage of not common because when it breaks, it hurts the eye as well.
  • Polycarbonate lenses were first time introduced for the safety program, but in the 1980s, they became a popular choice. Now they are gaining popularity, and their use has increased in the safety eyewear. Polycarbonate is lightweight, impact-resistant, and UV protection. The preferring of this material is leaning towards child eyewear because of their active nature. Besides, this material has more importance in sports activity as well.
  • Trivex material is resembled polycarbonate because of many similar features. But the extra advantage of this material is its higher Abbe value.
  • High index lenses: In the last two decades, the demand for thinner and lighter lenses has increased for prescription safety glasses. For this reason, the high-index lens was introduced in the eyewear world. Hence, they are thinner and lighter than other plastic materials. Moreover, their index of refraction was higher and specific gravity was low as well.

Buying prescription glasses can daunting, but after getting an idea about lenses, it doesn’t have hard to decide. So, your frame and lenses should be in balance because without comfort wearing and vision, they are worthless.

It means you are putting your money on an insignificant item. Useful information about lenses will give you confidence in a shopping of safety glasses for any purpose. While in an eye exam, you can take advice from your doctor because he will recommend eyeglasses that will be according to your preference.


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