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Several workers are getting eye injuries every day while performing their duties. More than 70% of eye injuries occurred due to falling or flying particles or sparks. They strike with eyes unexpectedly and injure their eyes.

Almost three-fifths of objects that hit into eyes are smaller than pinheads. Therefore, every business owner should arrange an industrial eye safety eyewear program for workers.

So that they could provide workers with the best awareness about eye protection. Besides, eye contact with chemicals can lead to one-fifth of injuries. Sometimes these injuries lead to permanent vision loss.

According to eyewear professionals, three out of five workers get injuries every day. But these injuries are due to not wearing protection in working workplace. It is estimated that 90% of eye injuries are avoidable by wearing proper protection.

Several reasons have come to know why workers don’t wear safety glasses. Some common reasons are uncomfortable, fog up, headaches, and inability to see clearly. Many complaints are related to eye fatigue which occurs when their eyes become too tired.

Eye fatigue contains watery eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, eyes soreness, and blurred vision. Other symptoms are light sensitivity and difficulty in focusing.

Why Do Workers Wear ANSI Certified Eyeglasses?

All types of safety glasses are made to resist impact. Indeed, they are approved by the ANSI to pass two vital tests.

  • One is a high-velocity test
  • The second one is a high-mass impact test

Additional requirements specify that the eyepiece must have 3 3-millimeter thickness. Besides, the frames and lenses must have stamped ANSIZ87.1. These stamps distinguish them from regular eyewear. In looks, the defensive specs are like traditional spectacles.

The latest defensive eyepieces have dramatically enhanced their colors and styles. These safety products are not backward any fashionable eyepiece. This feature has added a bonus to the appeal of protective eyewear.

People who love fashion can easily carry them while they are working sites. If any workers use contact lenses or prescription specs, they can use defensive goggles. They can wear goggles over their prescription eyepieces.

Besides, you can even avail them with power eyewear from Defensive Supplies Company. The lenses are made up of plastic or polycarbonate and glass.

  • Glass material is scratch-resistant. But they are heavy and fog up easily.
  • Plastic eyeglasses are lightweight, but they are not scratch-resistant. Therefore, they are treated with a special coating.

Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and developed for NASA’s first time for jet aircraft. Such lenses have high-impact resistance, UV radiation absorption, and optical features. Due to these qualities, they are much safer than plastic or glass lenses.

Enhance Protective Chances with Impact Resistance Eyewear:

You and your workers will get great advantages if you educate them about possible potentials. So, address your workers in detail that traditional eyeglasses cannot protect their eyes. Besides, they should wear appropriate protection in their work settings.

You have to teach them how to take care of their safety glasses. Make sure about safety ANSIZ87.1 stamps over their spectacles. You must look protective logo on eyewear. All components should pass a high-impact test.

The defensive Wiley X Eyeglasses should properly fit every worker and do this by an eye care expert. So, workers need to keep their protective specs neat and clean daily. Besides, you inspect them if you find any sign of damage.

Therefore, they should follow all security rules in the industry every time. Finally, if you come across any accidents, make sure every worker is aware of first-aid handling. Keep ready all defensive equipment every time for unexpected accidents.


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