What Are the Real Ways to Shield Eyes at The Construction Site?

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Construction is one of the biggest and most hazardous industries in the world. The body can be harmed due to misusing safety equipment like construction safety glasses or negligence can lead to many cuts and scrapes, loss of eyesight or limbs, and even death sometimes.

All of these hazards in the place of the construction site, workers have to come across these typical injuries every day. Besides all of the injuries, eye injuries are one of the most common injuries because this injury occurs unexpectedly.

It has been calculated that more than 1.000 eye injuries occur every day in the workplace in the United States. It means more than $300 million spent in a year on medical expenses, wasting of time, low progress in production, and worker’s compensation are related issues with injuries.

However, eye injuries can be preventable by wearing proper protective eyewear. The worst thing is that there is no compensation for the loss of eye injury for the victim who suffers and bears all this loss particularly the loss of eyesight.

How Can Prevent Eye Injuries with Safety Glasses

Two major reasons are involved in the construction site, not wearing protective eyewear or wearing the wrong type of protection that is not suitable for that task. If you don’t wear appropriate safety eyewear, it is truly dangerous for you.

Another thing that most of the workers don’t realize is that they have worn the wrong safety glasses, and that is the most hazardous thing for them.

Most of the workers who suffer from eye injuries instead of wearing eyewear, don’t realize that they have the wrong eyeglasses for the wrong place. In that case, they hurt their eyes because of inappropriate protection for their eyes.

Unfortunately, the workers of construction sites have their line of work that encounters all kinds of hazards in this industry. The factory workers have to face a lot of dangers while working like UV rays, infrared radiation, and liquid splashes.

Many construction sites task create flying debris that is enough to injure the eyes. From paint chips to wood particles, from concrete particles to dirt and even nails, a worker’s eyes constantly encounter impact hazards.

Eye injuries occur because of Ultraviolet radiation, chemical splashes, and Infrared rays but not as common as other dangers.

Choose Specific Safety Goggles for Eyes:

OSHA standards require that all employers should provide effective eye protection to their workers. Protective goggles should be according to the hazard’s requirement, and they must have a good and comfortable fit on workers’ faces.

Besides, safety eyewear and equipment should have a snug fit. All eyewear accessories like frames, straps, and other parts of eyeglasses should be sturdy and have a comfortable fit.

Regards safety concerns, the safety industry offers several industrial safety spectacles, face shields, side shields, and safety goggles to cover workers’ entire eye area according to the nature of hazards.

The most important thing that most workers don’t care about it, and is proper care of safety equipment because care is imperative. Inspect your protective eyewear every day because dirty and scratched lenses not only reduce vision but produce glare that affects their impact resistance as well.

If frames and lenses of safety specs are broken or scratched, chances are you do have not appropriate eyewear, and you can encounter accidents.


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