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U.S Bureau of Labor shows that more than 20,000 work injuries occur in work settings every year. According to their statement, the use of Armourx safety glasses with regularity at the workplace will prevent eye injuries by more than 90%.

Workers who work in hazardous places like plumbing, carpentry, and construction, should use safety gear. They need proper safety applications in their working area because labor is the strength of any industry.

Threats to dangerous places are molten sparks, infected diseases, and chemical splashes. On the other hand, radiation, debris, and dust are not few hazards for the eyes. People who are engaged with some DIY projects must use safety specs for eye protection.

Early Start of Safety Eyewear:

The first eyewear was made in early 1286 for the protective purpose of intense light. The human eye is too light-sensitive because bright light can damage the eye’s retina. But proper eye protection was introduced in 1880.

A first-time eye-protective was made in 1990 for the industrial place. Yet, these safety glasses did not have a fashionable look and even gave people an old look. But finally, in the 20th century, they became a stylish and smart look.

Various field workers realized that safety specs are essential for eye protection. But in the 1980s, polycarbonate material came, and it replaced the laminated glass. The polycarbonate eyeglasses were very light and stronger than glass.

Now, safety glasses have come in a wide variety of fashion and styles that have an excellent match with all safety and fashion trends.

A Major Difference Between Regular and Safety Eyewear:

When it comes to safety glasses, many people ask one question frequently. What is the difference between them? Most of them are still unaware of the main objective of safety eyewear.

But they are on the right because safety specs have the same look as regular eyewear. Moreover, the making of protective specs is different than standard glasses because of the impact test and material. Safety frames and lenses are shatterproof and more durable than a regular one.

For example, nylon frames are an excellent choice for sports because they are flexible and durable. Moreover, polycarbonate prescription lenses deliver the best safety against risky things.

On the other hand, glass lenses are available with fewer shades of choice. Plastic lenses are available in a variety of tints that can be used for different treatments. Armourx safety glasses are one of them that is the symbol of great protection.

What Kind of Safety Standards for Safety Eyewear?

ANSI Z87.1 is the safety standard for protective frames and lenses with the mark of this symbol. All strong impact resistance lenses are marked with the + sign on the upper side of the lenses.

Therefore, when you want to know about the safety standard, you must check the frame and lenses with this mark. In the case of lenses, they come in three categories like plastic, glass, and polycarbonate. All three classes are not equal concerning a safety point of view.

  • The glass lens has a scratch-resistant surface and can be used against harsh chemicals. Besides, they are heavy and a little uncomfortable.
  • Plastic lenses are lightweight and can be used against welding splatter. Moreover, the surface of these lenses is scratch-resistant and cannot be used in fog.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and stronger than plastic and glass lenses. They are not scratch-resistant and suitable for foggy weather like plastic lenses.


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