Tips to Secure Your Eyes from the Coronavirus with the Help of 3M BX Readers

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Almost more than 60% population is wearing a mask due to the latest dangerous coronavirus COVID-19. Wearing a mask has become common in all public places like grocery stores, supermarkets, and even pharmacies. I am also caring about it.

Are you caring?

Of course, you will, because everyone cares about one’s health. Do you know why we all wear masks because a mask is the added layer of protection. But what about eyes? Therefore, you can use even eyewear like 3M BX Readers.

Coronavirus can Blowout Through Eyes:

Slow down the corona, expert says that eyes are essential organs like hands, mouth, and nose. Here is the list of protection that you can save your eyes.

Sunglasses and Eyeglasses:

Wearing eyewear is the best way to protect your eyes. According to an optician, the sale of eyeglasses has been rising because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

To prevent this danger, you should keep your hands off from face and don’t try to touch your eyes. The virus can easily reach your eyes as infected elements can enter your eyes directly. A virus will enter because of the rubbing of your eyes if you have contaminated hands.

Sunglasses like 3M BX Reader that provides a complete barrier through breathing droplets. These droplets can be sprayed from any direction and eyewear is the best solution for eyes.

Moreover, wraparound eyewear delivers more protection than standard eyewear.

How to Sanitize Your Spectacles?

Almost most people place their eyeglasses in different places, and they can be contaminated. The contaminated places can be desks, counters, and tables. After picking from these places, you put those eyeglasses on your eyes.

So, think about your eyeglasses, you should keep your hand and face. Your face is the source of dead skin cells, germs, oils, sunscreen, and makeup as well.

Always be careful and never clean them when they are dry. If you will clean their dry surface with a shirt, tissue, toilet paper, and paper towel. Don’t even try fabric cloth to clean it. All these quick fixes are a cause of great damage to lenses.

Shirts and pieces of microfiber cloth have a harsh surface, and maybe they have debris, dust, or other elements over them.

Similarly, some liquids like mild soup are used as a cleaner because they will clean your eyeglasses thoroughly.

Besides, don’t use your breathing on the lenses for cleaning purposes because if you get them, they will damage your lenses as well.

Make a Habit of Cleaning Daily:

It will be a great idea if you make a habit of cleaning your glasses daily after coming from the outside.

For the cleaning frame, place the frame under the lukewarm water. Hot water is not suitable for frame cleaning because it will damage your frame as well.

  • Take a small drop of soap from the bath or dishwasher soap on the lenses and spread gently with the fingertips.
  • Now, rub on both sides of lenses and frames as well. Don’t avoid cleaning nose pads and earpieces because these areas accumulate a lot of dirt at these places.
  • You must rub the lenses for 20 seconds, and you can use a soft brush to clean the lenses.
  • Rinse warm water thoroughly and rub smoothly over lenses.
  • Now clean lenses with an only microfiber cloth and clean that fiber cloth once in a week.
  • Don’t try to use vinegar, toothpaste, and window cleaner.


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