What Kind of Eyeglasses Are Allowed to Wear in the Military?

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Poor eyesight doesn’t create hurdles to serve in the military. But you can correct your vision issue by contact lenses, vision surgery, or even with prescription glasses. So, every military branch has its law and terms in case of vision.

Sunglasses as Wiley X spear are the real ways for eye protection against UV rays. So, they cut glare and provide a clear and convenient vision for all.

Therefore, the eyewear industry is accommodating different requirements for certain kinds of professions.

Army allows their soldier to wear sunglasses in the indoor environment. But restrict to wear them in professional activities.

They don’t allow their soldiers to wear sunny shades in the field unless and until their commander doesn’t recommend them.

In some cases, the army officers let them wear certain kinds of sunny shades like Wiley X spear while on specific issues. They allow them because of safety reasons for the protection against field needs and removing glare.

So, sunny eyewear is limited in the army because of their rules and regulations that are designed by the authoritative. Even in some specific mission, they forbid wearing regular eyewear while servicing.

So, if they allow wearing sunny wear their soldiers, it means they are permitting because of some reason. According to some Army rules, they restrict to wear contact lenses, regular eyewear, and sunglasses that follow.

When Do They Allow for Eyewear and Sunglasses?

Prescription eyeglasses that are traditional civilians can wear with the uniform.

Traditional prescription and non-prescription sunglasses can wear in a garrison indoor setting. If any soldier has some medical issue like refractive error, he can wear them except with the health and safety concerns.

Soldiers cannot use any kind of eyewear while in the field unless their officer doesn’t recommend them. But officers command them to wear shades when there is a high amount of glare even in the field environment.

Restriction on Sunny Wear:

If sunglasses or eyewear are trendy or their lenses have some designs or any other kind of decorations over them cannot wear them. On the other hand, the soldiers cannot use contact lenses that have many trendy hues.

If contact lenses have shades like, red, blue, purple, yellow, green, and orange, Army doesn’t consent to use them. But they can go with the regular traditional colors like dark brown, grey, and green shades because they are natural colors.

No one can wear such frames or lenses that could detract them from their uniform appearance. Moreover, eyeglasses cannot use with the hanging of chain, ribbons, or bands because they don’t suit an army personality.

Soldiers can use eyewear only for safety concerns. Another important thing that any soldier that wears prescription glasses doesn’t hand his specs on any place of the uniform. It is against the Army discipline of uniform.

Contact Lenses Restriction:

As reports earlier that authorities don’t allow their soldiers to use contact lenses of different hues. Opaque lenses are the only color that can wear but merely medically related.

Moreover, the transparent lenses have a design that can hide the contour of the iris don’t allow them to use while on duty with the uniform. If you are planning to enlist in the Army, first visit the doctor and schedule an appointment for an eye exam.

Make sure, your vision is perfect, and if not then corrected it equal to perfect eyesight. Another important information you can get by the contact of any Army branch.


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