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If anyone among you has been working in America in the early 90s, you will possibly well aware of the old formed safety eyewear. The old safety glasses side shields were unattractive, and side shields look like side arms.

In the olden days, Safety Glasses in USA, if you had worn prescription eyeglasses, ordinary eyewear lenses were enough for providing impact protection.

If they need side shields, a temporary side shield required that made from polyethylene of plastic, and they adjust it.

The purpose of safety eyewear is to protect against foreign flying debris, wood chips, metal particles, or many more that can get into eyes from any side.

The purpose of side shields to install from the sides of eyeglasses for getting more protection. But the fitting of side shields was a big issue, and safety from flying particles from sides of eyewear was inadequate.

What is New in Current Side Shields?

Today, you know that all safety eyewear should meet the safety standard, and this standard is necessary for side shields as well.

Since the 1990s, the protective specs came with the integrated side shields that provided efficient protection. Now you can even get safety glasses with clip-on side shields.

But there is a big question arise whether there is a difference with integrated side shields or clip-on side shields or not.

So, which side shields is better a permanent attach side shield or clip-on side shields that used in the past? Let’s take a deep look at their use.

Permanent side shields fixed with the temple of the eyeglasses, and no one can remove them. The main advantage of the permanent side shields was that the workers were unable to take off side shields at the time of working.

Thus, this thing ensures that the workers have worn proper protection always. Clip-on side shields are like a clip on the safety glasses frame.

The main benefit of the clip-on shields was that the regular wearer can take off eyeglasses when they don’t need any protection.

Today safety eyewear is so stylish that no one can tell the difference whether they are protective eyewear or street eyewear.

But the requirement of selected safety eyewear goes beyond the style. The reason behind this is the safety glasses are made according to safety standards that use in their manufacturing.

This safety standard is a legislative requirement for the protective eyeglasses. So, if any worker works in a hazards area, he should wear proper safety eyewear that meets the safety standard of the ANSI and OSHA.

What is the Safety Standard?

It should note that the safety standard should meet specifically Z87.1 was established by the ANSI for face and eye safety.

So, Safety Shields for Glasses, the Z87 code should stamp on the temple of the eyewear frame or lenses. This safety standard allows the user to remove side shields if the eyewear lenses exceed the certified safety.

Non-prescription eyeglasses frames and lenses should meet the required safety standards, and detach side shields should not allow for Plano eyeglasses.

So, in this situation, permanent side shields are essential because they will not fall or misplace in any position. Another option for the wearer of prescription lenses, they can wear oversize glasses over their prescription lenses.

Such type of set of eyewear is known as an over-size protector or safety goggles. But over-size protector was needed only of the visitors or workers who need them for occasional safety.

The safety standard of protective glasses is clear. If you are a worker and you have to work in some hazards area where is the risk of flying objects that can enter into your eyes, you must wear them.

Make sure that for these places, you must have protective eyewear with the permanent side shields so that your eyes could get enough protection from foreign objects attacks.

Fitting of Protective Eyeglasses:

For working in the hazard’s environment, Teacher’s Day your eyewear must have a good fit so that you be comfortable wearing them for a long time.

Many eyeglasses come with different essential parts so, make sure they have proper adjustment. Safety eyewear alongside shields will shield your sides of eyes. You wear them when you are in the flying particles that are hazards for eyes.

The side shields will protect you from flying particles that can come from any direction. Face shield use over eye protection that will cover your whole face. They will shield your eyes from glare, heat, flying objects, and chemical splashes.

Although they cannot give you enough safety so always wear them over safety glasses. Safety goggles with ventilation must have a snug fit around your eyes.

You must wear them when you find a dusty place or any hazards that could strike into your eyes. Goggles can protect you from flying objects. Sparks, and dust that can get into from any angles.


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