Which Lens Tint is Used in Shooting Glasses?

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Are you a target shooter? You may aware of prescription shooting glasses (if you are regular eye wearer) are necessary to handle a firearm. Shooting eyewear provides safety to your eyes against small flying objects that travel in fast space.

While these are not like bulletproof but they can offer impact protection from a shell casing and flying particles while shooting. Whether you are in the field or at a shooting range, you need safety shooting specs for eye protection.

They have become a critical accessory because your eyes are precious organs for you, and you need to protect them. While there is a lot of confusion due to lens tint options. What should lens tint choose while before going to shooting?

Why Prescription Safety Glasses Lens Colors Matter?

All shooting eyewear should be ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified because it matters whether you go with gray or amber lenses. Certain safety eyewear lens shade doesn’t only enhance your vision, but they help to see clear with depth perception.

Let’s break down different lens color options and come to know what shade is better for you while shooting.

  •          Amber lenses: These lenses are popular because they block blue rays and provide good results in cloudy and low light conditions. The amber color provides excellent contrast between different colors. Besides, they make the target orange to stand out even in tedious days.
  •          Orange or yellow lenses: If you desire to block out blue light from diffused misty or cloudy days, these tints are ideal. But the orange color is ideal to bring out the target. Besides, both tints provide you more detail in a line of vision. These colors help you see better with depth perception and enhance the accuracy as well.
  •          Gray lenses: Do you know gray color is the all-around hue because this color decreases the light that around you? Gray lenses help you to see all the colors in a balanced tone because it is best for a bright situation. It helps you with a balanced sense of difference and depth.
  •          Blue or purple lenses: If you are in a field for shooting that its backdrop is full of beautiful trees, you should take the help of a blue or purple lens. Both colors have a great contribution in enhancing contrast, particularly against a green background. Besides, these colors keep your eyes on target just focus on the target while shooting.
  •          Brown lenses: Some target shooters and hunters prefer only brown tint because they can focus on their orange shade targets. The hunters perform best in open areas or fields and especially in bright conditions. Most of the hunters find brown color soothing because it helps to eliminate eye strain and keep them alert.

Which Is Lens Tint Ideal for Your Shooting Eyeglasses?

So, now think about which lens tint is ideal for your shooting glasses and why? Every shooter has its own choice to prefer tint with which you feel comfortable. Choose that shade for your safety glasses that can perform best in every shooting condition.

So, start noticing about different lighting conditions around the place that you are selecting for your shooting. Your shooting spot should match the lens color and gets the best for you.


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