Why Wiley X SG-1 with Polarized Lenses is Better for Your Eyes?

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Do you have Polarized Lenses in your Sunglasses?

Wiley x SG-1 Safety Glasses

No, it’s not good for your eyes. Therefore, from today, you should use eyewear like Wiley X SG-1 with polarized lenses. Polarized eyewear has become the most popular because of its great advantages.

They help to reduce the irritative glare that is produced from bright light. Therefore, those people can take benefits who have to spend most of their time in the sun. The best advantage of the polarized lenses is to cut the harsh glare that enters into the eyes.

Besides, it doesn’t give clear vision. It doesn’t only help in reducing the glare but gives a sharp image as well. Generally, it increases the visual contrast and gives a comforting view because of the presence of an uncomfortable light.

Besides, these lenses are helpful for those people who have sensory issues. Moreover, the people who have recently had eye surgeries, the polarized lenses are very helpful for them.

Sometimes in some places, polarized lenses cannot perform their duty, but they cut the brightness of the sharp light.

The lenses have the potential to reduce light intensity. But now the question is how polarized lenses perform their role. The lenses work against the reflected light that is produced from the horizontal surface.

But polarized lenses have stripped, and allowed that vertically polarized light to enter into the eyes. The irritated glare doesn’t pass from these lenses because of the filter over the lenses. Polarized lenses can be used for dress eyewear and sunglasses as well.

Pros of Polarized Lenses:

The eyeglasses with polarized lenses cut the unnecessary glare, and are helpful for those people who work around the water. Besides, these glasses have become the most recent fashion.

So, fishermen and boaters become comfortable with these eyeglasses. The primary feature is eliminating glare that is produced by water.

  1. Harmful rays like UVA/UVB rays that are produced from sunlight, can block through polarized eyewear. The lenses eliminate the harmful portion of light and provide crystal-clear vision. So, before buying sunglasses, you must check the label for UV protection. Moreover, the eyewear should provide 100% protection from all dangerous lights.
  2. Some people think that UVA and UVB lenses can fight against dangerous UV effects. However, the selection of polarizing lenses has replaced UV lenses because of additional features. These lenses offer great protection against any kind of harsh rays.
  3. Another big advantage of polarized lenses is that provide clear sight. For example, you are driving at night, and night driving produces harmful glare while driving. Polarized lenses make everything comfortable, and offer a clear vision to the eyes. Glare produces pain in the eyes if it lasts for a long time, a headache can be produced.
  4. Polarized lenses are best to fight against glare in bright light, and these lenses deliver a clear vision. So, the lenses keep a comforting view to the user. Moreover, you will be comfortable in an environment that has a wide range of bright lights.
  5. Another important advantage is to eliminate eye strain. While in an environment that has a large amount of glare, it puts a lot of burden on the eyes. That thing leads to eye fatigue. So, wearing the eyewear of polarized lenses will reduce eye strain and many more eye-related problems.

Besides all benefits, the polarized lenses have some disadvantages as well. The lenses change the view angle, and sometimes people cannot handle this situation. But, the eyewear with polarized lenses is more expensive than other kinds of eyeglasses.


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