What is the Ideal Lens Material for Safety Glasses?

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The lenses you select for your any branded eyewear need essential need more than frames. Besides, lenses determine how you are happy with your eyewear because they are the only thing through which you see around the beautiful world.

But keep in mind that the shopping of lenses is not an easy task because of the coming wide variety of coating and lens options. A lot of options in the lens’s category can make you confuse about what worth you are shopping.

Here is a buying guide that will help you to find the right eyewear lenses and coating that suite your needs and values.

Why Choose the Right Lens for UVEX Safety Prescription Glasses?

In eyeglasses shopping, a frame is an essential part to choose because it affects your appearance and comfort while wearing them. But in the case of lens option, eyewear lenses affect your factors like safety, vision, comfort, and appearance.

Most of the people do common mistake while buying eyeglasses that don’t spend enough time to consider most of the eyeglasses lens choices like design, materials, and coating. Here is the best guideline that will help you to choose wisely while buying lens material.

You will attain knowledge whether you need single vision lenses for farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism. Besides, you may need progressive, bifocals, or multifocal lenses that help to correct presbyopia.

Prescription Safety Glasses with Different Lens Stuff:

Glass lens material: in the past for vision correction, all prescription spectacles were made through glass material. While glass lenses provide exceptional optics but they are heavyweight and can break easily.

By easily breaking, Shopping Glasses Online, they can cause danger to eyes or even vision loss. Due to these reasons, glass lenses have no longer use in the Rx eyeglasses.

  •          Plastic Lenses: In 1947, a California lens company first time introduced plastic eyewear lenses. That time lenses were made by plastic material polymer known as CR-39 because it was the invention of the 39th thermal cured plastic. Due to its lightweight nature almost half of the weight of the glass stuff, Reasons to Wear Eyeglasses, which was low cost and it has excellent optical features. From that day, this material has become a favorite lens material for the eyeglasses.
  •          Polycarbonate Lenses: At the beginning of the 1970s, Gentex Corporation first time presented polycarbonate lenses for protective eyeglasses. After one decade, polycarbonate lenses have to get popularity, and still, they are the favorite of everyone because of their sturdy nature. Polycarbonate material was originally used in the helmet visor for safety in the Air force in the making of bulletproof glass. Besides,this stuff is lightweight and impact resistance as compared to CR-39 plastic. Polycarbonate material is ideal for the kid’s eyewear, protective eyeglasses, and sports spectacles. Another same feature of impact resistance material like polycarbonate is Trivex, and it was introduced by an eyewear company 2001. A great advantage of this material has a higher Abbe value.
  •          High Index Lenses: For the response of lighter and thinner eyewear, several lenses have been introduced that are high index plastic lenses. Such lenses are thinner and lighter than CR-39 plastic stuff. Besides,they have a higher index of refraction and lower specific gravity.


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